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Former mayor's will names 3 nephews as major beneficiaries

Taking the time to meet with a lawyer in Lee County, Florida and writing down your final wishes can be one of the most loving things you can do for your family. After a loved one dies, the last thing anyone wants to do is argue over what should go to whom. Writing a last will and testament can ensure that your estate is divided in a manner you see fit and that your loved ones are taken care of.

Supposed widow and son of James Brown left out of his will

Writing a will in Lee County, FL is typically not something you do once in your life and then forget about it. Since your situation may change over the years, it is important that you keep your last will and testament updated. Whenever a major life event occurs, such as a marriage, birth or death of a child or death of a spouse, it is often necessary to amend your will to accommodate these changes. Doing so can help your wishes be carried out in the way you see fit.

Siblings sue lawyers and CPAs, saying millions taken from estate

It is sad to think of a Lee County family being torn apart after the death of a loved one because of a fight over inheritances. Drawing up a last will and testament and consulting with an estate planning professional can do a lot to make sure this doesn't happen, but sometimes it cannot prevent everything.

Man due to inherit $430,000 dies without a will

Having a will is important, especially if you want to ensure that those you love are taken care of after you are gone. If you do not have a will when you die, the court system in Florida will determine how to divide your estate and who gets your assets. The way they divide up your estate may vary, but typically all of your assets will go to your surviving spouse and children. This is the case unless you have no spouse or children, in which case the courts will pick among your closest relatives to inherit your estate.

Family shocked to learn deceased loved one had 2 wills

Dealing with the grief and sadness associated with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, but when there are significant problems settling a Lee County estate, the grief can be monumental. This is why it is a good idea to discuss your estate planning with close family members so that they know your wishes and will not be shocked when your will is read.

Changing perspectives on estate planning

We recently came across an article about estate planning that made some excellent points about the benefits of planning. Everyone knows that estate planning is vital for those who are married and have children, and for those who are business owners or have significant investments, properties or other financial interests.